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How to Buy an Auction Car from Rushcorp

  1. Select a vehicle from our Weekly Auction List or ask about any specific car at We will contact you about the condition of the car after physically inspecting the unit, and ask you to confirm your budget, and bid on your behalf.
  2. Upon confirmation of purchase, Rushcorp will send by email an invoice for the vehicle cost and export charges from Japan, as well as details and account number of Rushcorp's bank in Tokyo.
  3. Buyer will then need to Telegraphic Transfer funds, in Japanese Yen, to Rushcorp’s bank in Tokyo for the car cost and export charges as per the invoice. Depending on the final destination of the vehicle, ocean freight charges may also need to be prepaid at this time. Credit Card Payments can also be arranged through Paypal (select countries).
  4. Upon receipt of your funds transfer we shall arrange for shipment of the vehicle to your selected port of destination. Vehicles typically leave Japan within two weeks of payment. Note that vehicle orders cancelled after being booked for shipment may incur cancellation penalties of 100,000 yen per vehicle, or the actual cost of returning the vehicle(s) to Rush Corporation in Japan, whichever is higher.
  5. As soon as the ship has departed Japan we will forward (by fax or email) a copy of the Bill of Lading for the vehicle. This is information provided only to you, which gives the name of the vessel and other relevant shipping information.
  6. Approximately 10 working days after the ship carrying your vehicle has departed Japan we will forward, by courier, the following documents: Two Copies of original Bills of Lading, a commercial invoice as required for customs clearance purposes,
  7. original Japanese vehicle de-registration documents and translation to English if necessary, Certificate of origin if required, Vehicle service history and other information if not shipped with the vehicle.
  8. Prior to the vehicle's arrival at the port of destination, you will receive notification of date and port of arrival from the shipping company (usually about ten days prior to actual arrival). Sailing time will vary by destination, but will usually be 20 to 30 days to UK, Europe, and the Caribbean, and approx. two weeks to Australia.
  9. Once the vehicle has arrived, your customs clearance agent will arrange to have the vehicle cleared through customs and other entry requirements. At this time you will be advised of the import Duties and or Taxes payable. (For example: in UK import duty is 10% and VAT is 17.5% of vehicle and freight cost) Please Note: The ocean freight charges (unless otherwise prepaid) and all taxes and duties must be paid before the vehicle can be collected. Irrespective of circumstances, clear transfer of title for the vehicle(s) will not occur until all outstanding Rush Corporation balances are settled.
  10. Having been cleared into your country you are then free to collect your vehicle and proceed with registration and other processes as required by your local government.
  11. Should you require further assistance with registration processing or other steps in the process, we are happy to assist where possible. Please contact us directly for details.