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Stock# 260704
1986 Floating Dock

Builder: Japan, Year Built: 1986, Construction Material: Steel, Gross Tonnage: 9000 tons


, Notes: Lifting Capacity Max: 15,000 tons, Length(Working Deck) 123m, Breadth(Outside):34m, Breadth(Inside):27m, Depth(Topdeck):17.4m, Depth(safety deck):15.4m, Depth(Ballast height) 3.9m, Depth(Full draft)15m, Depth(light draft): 0.9m, Crane: 2 Sets x 12tons/35m, and 2 Sets x 10tons/30m, Ballast Capacity: 18,000m3, F.W.Capacity:200m3, Ballast Pump  75 hp, 2 Sets x 1,600m3/h and 2 Sets x 900m3/h, Generators 440v/380v, Sanding: PBM 2 sets, Washing: 2 sets x 300 bar 1 x 150 bar



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