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Stock# 290303
1999 Refurbished Tug Boat

Year Built: 1973, Gross Tonnage: 197.47 tons, Class: JG Coastal


LOA: 32.15m, Breadth: 8.50m, Depth: 3.38m, Main Engine: Niigata 1300ps x 720rpm x 2 units, Auxiliary Engine: Niigata 4DKL 95ps x 1200rpm x 2 Units,, Notes: Renovated 1999, Runs at average 10 knots on 280 lit/h(6,720 lt/d), Recently drydocked to service propeller wing-tops, next SS due 17 Apr 2022, Intermediate survey due 17 July 2019, Niigata Z-Pellers,



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